We bring together hands-on, dedicated people who are driven to push the boundaries of technology, people who are not looking for a typical 9‐to‐5 desk job, who are determined to make tectonic shifts in the world of electricity. At uBeam, it’s not just a career opportunity. It’s an opportunity to change the world.

Our Culture

We're a diverse group at ubeam, but if there's one thing that unites us, it's our relentless pursuit of ingenuity and commitment to making a real impact on the world through technology.

At uBeam you work with the brightest problem solvers with vast technical and business expertise in our leadership, engineering and scientist teams, accumulating to 150 years of specialized experience in multiple disciplines, industries, company sizes and growth trajectories. We’ve driven change, created successful businesses, launched products, and solved numerous challenges successfully. We Play to Win and Have Fun!
Our multidisciplinary teams include talent in:
PhDs in Physics, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics, and Bio Medical Engineering, Masters of Science in Applied Physics, Electrical Engineering, and MBAs, and BS / BA emphasis in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Paleobiology, Geology, Astrobiology

We also have extensive networks of trusted industry leaders and advisors.

Ubeam DNA

We're mission driven.

If you're not breaking the laws of physics, it can be done. We rise to hard problems, park our egos at the door, and do whatever is necessary to achieve our mission.


We make
science fiction,
science fact.

Breaking boundaries is what we do. We're a wildly ambitious - but practical - team working on one of the most complex problems of our generation. Nothing drives us more than the seemingly impossible.

Execution is key

Our team is maniacally invested in creating well-thought-out, quality solutions that make our life easier. We create bleeding edge technology defined by consumer needs, down to the smallest details.


Excellence is in our genes

We hold ourselves to the highest standard. Our team is made up of A-players who play to win. We take pride in our work and doing it right.

"This is a once in a generation technology, And a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Be on the right side of history. Join this team and shape the future."

Ken Hertz


Open positions

With uBeam’s technology, there’s a very fine line between “excruciatingly difficult” and “impossible”. uBeam falls into the camp of “excruciatingly difficult”.

In order to make ultrasonic wireless power transmission a viable commercial technology, there are a number of enormous technical challenges around impedance mismatch, air coupling, beamforming, acoustic losses, low power rectification, and more, over the past several years, that we’ve had to overcome:

1.     Design and build tiny, high powered, efficient, air-coupled ultrasonic transducers for both transmit and receive with a single resonant frequency well above 20 kHz, and output >140 dB SPL.  To our knowledge this is the highest recorded amount of power ever transmitted from an in-air ultrasonic transducer at this frequency.

2.     Design and build an ultrasonic phased array transmitter with thousands of individually addressable and controllable elements that enable us to beam power over several meters.

3.     Develop and implement a detection and tracking system to precisely locate receive electronic devices in air in real-time.

4.     Develop and implement beamforming algorithms that can shape and steer multiple focused beams to several moving devices based on their location, size, and angle with respect to the transmitter.

5.     Design and build a receiver that can harvest and convert acoustic power with multiple focused beams hitting the receiver at multiple angles, while the receiver itself is in motion.

We’ve assembled a team of brilliant engineers and scientists that have looked at these issues as exciting challenges as opposed to impossible hurdles.   Through years of development and hard work, we’ve developed and realized solutions to all of these challenges.

There’s still hard engineering to be done to optimize and refine the technology.  If you’re up for a challenge, apply here.

Don’t see a job that matches your skillset but want to work with us?  Send an email to with your resume/CV with a description of the kind of work you’d like to do.